About the Author

Clement Decrop, The Author

"We do not possess imagination enough to sense what we are missing."

- Jean Toomer

What happens when we put aside what we know and attend to what is actually given?

The Idea Space makes mindfulness as real as stars, atoms, and cells to give meaning to experiences that were once ineffable. It establishes a scientific framework for mindfulness by highlighting a ubiquitous experience shared across all humans. 

The book lifts the veils of illusion to awaken the reader's Non-Self. Essentially, it introduces the reader to Unknown Unknowns so he or she can better understand what reality is not. Some veils lifted are:

  • Nature is clopen: the world is simultaneously open and closed
  • Properties of your idea space: your thoughts, emotions, sensations, and perceptions are uncountable and have zero measure (therefore, your idea space is invisible to others and sits outside of spacetime)
  • True Self is Non-Self: your Non-Self characterizes “I”, your name, is merely an appearance in your idea space. It is simply another thought. In reality, your Non-Self consists of myriad fractal layers, including your atoms, your cells, your name, your country, your galaxy, your universe. After all, everyone is at the center of their own observable universe…

Clement is an author, inventor, and lover of life. Prior to his work, he worked at IBM where he submitted over 130 unique patents in a one calendar year, drove the sales presentation of a $10 billion cloud deal, and led myriad wellness events across 40+ countries on the topics of mindfulness, sleep, exercise, and nutrition.

Clement was born in Belgium and consequently lived in Spain, France, the United States, and the Emirates. He has a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and an M.P.S. in Management and Organizational Leadership.

His goal is to make everyone realize, as Confucius said: "Everyone lives two lives. The second starts when you realize you only live one." In other words, a transition from your Self to Non-Self.