The Idea Space: The Science of Awakening Your Non-Self

"World's Most Interesting Book."

We are a way for the cosmos to know itself; the cosmos is a way for us to know ourselves.


The Idea Space makes consciousness as real as gravity.

Clement Decrop leads the reader on a captivating scientific exploration of consciousness that revolutionizes our conventional understanding of the mind. The infinite space of our mind mirrors the infinite vastness of the universe, and lessons gleaned from one can illuminate the other. Delving into The Idea Space lifts the veils of illusion that keep us from understanding our true Selves.

Packed with illustrations and engaging exercises, the book demystifies mindfulness by transforming esoteric concepts into practical, accessible tools for all. Decrop inspires those seeking the hidden truths of our world to uncover a genuine, sincere, and harmonious purpose to life. The beauty of these truths is they are hidden in plain sight. All you have to do is look.

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Idea Space
Short Film

Idea Space
Short Film

Step into a world where the mind's deepest secrets are unveiled, and reality is not as it seems. Will you embrace the power of your idea space, or will it control you?